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Unlock business value across all your data sources with SAP Leonardo

In today’s digital economy, anywhere from 60% to 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused. Like many organizations, you may be collecting information on a massive scale. But are you realizing the true power of Big Data?

SAP Leonardo Big Data capabilities are the answer to the challenge of making the most of your Big Data, providing solutions for easily ingesting, storing, processing, and sharing petabytes of information. SAP Leonardo customers gain more powerful business value from their data, with rapid deployment, greater scalability, faster analytical processing, and more powerful sharing across the enterprise than ever before.

In the past, gaining business value from Big Data faced three challenges:

  1. Where to keep the data?

  2. How to process diverse, unstructured data types?

  3. How to unify the enterprise information architecture with Big Data environments?

This resulted in counter-productive enterprise siloes and expensive, time-consuming manual solutions for sharing information. SAP Leonardo Big Data solutions offer you a superior approach. The comprehensive lineup of Big Data offerings reduce complexity, overcome silos, and help you get value from the diversity of today’s enterprise data.

Rapidly ingest huge amounts of diverse data

Digitally connected businesses are receiving unprecedented amounts of data across a growing number of sources, at variable speeds and in different formats – from operational logs and social media to Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning touchpoints. To use this data effectively, you need to be able to quickly ingest it. It’s the first, crucial step to applying insights to real-time business decision-making. And it can be one of the most challenging to handle. Until now. SAP Leonardo Big Data solutions quickly acquire, store, transform, and share data from every source, including relational databases, enterprise data warehouses, and Hadoop resources. In addition, we provide you with critical tools for data cleansing, quality, and transformation using machine learning, graph computation, and stream processing, giving you the ability to utilize refined data in real time.

Ingestion functions for Big Data processing are handled by an array of SAP solutions across enterprise and Hadoop data. You also have the option to use open source solutions for ingestion to the SAP Distribution for Hadoop software. SAP ingestion solutions let you ingest data to an SAP HANA stack or to Hadoop, depending on analytics requirements.

Store massive datasets from across your enterprise and beyond

The SAP Leonardo Big Data offering delivers massive scale for your growing data, organizing petabytes for ready analysis. This Hadoop-as-a-service computing solution is known as SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services. It provides a scalable, cloud-based Hadoop data store, Spark complement, and a full Big Data platform environment for storage and processing. Cloud deployment lets you get started rapidly, process much larger volumes of data at a lower price, and scale volumes quickly and easily. The SAP offering uniquely includes operational services to ensure consistent and reliable performance. This is a must for enterprise production environments. In addition to the cloud-only approach, there is also an option for a hybrid model.

Further, in combination with SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services delivers native multi-temperature management for hot or cold data virtualization and schema extension capabilities. And with the ability to federate data from any source, it reduces data movement and speeds response times.

Get comprehensive insights faster with combined analytics

With the SAP Leonardo Big Data solutions, getting business value from combined data is no longer a daunting challenge. Our unified, yet flexible, in-memory architecture simplifies the process of refining and cleaning diverse types of data to enable your business analytics to keep pace with the variety and velocity of business demands. SAP Vora is a distributed computing solution deployed on Apache Hadoop and Spark clusters that provides integration with SAP HANA, so you can quickly and easily run combined analytics across enterprise and Hadoop data.

All SAP Vora operations can be accessed, executed, and extended through SAP HANA. SAP HANA and SAP Vora act as a single system, with joint query optimization and automatic storage decisions. SAP Vora runs on Big Data clusters separate from your Hadoop data. It provides specialized analytical processing for different data formats. The computing engines are designed to run high-performance sophisticated analytics against relational, time series, graph, and JSON data.

Understand every facet of your digital enterprise

The SAP Leonardo Big Data solutions bridge the Big Data value gap by processing diverse data types to make them collectively useful for accelerating your organization’s processes and decision making.

As a result, our customers can thoroughly analyze and understand every aspect of their business, including customer behavior, operational behavior, market behavior, and beyond. They feed that insight into new experiments, forward-thinking innovations, and better customer relationships.The comprehensive approach of SAP Leonardo’s Big Data solutions, combine data ingestion, storage, processing, and sharing to fuel holistic digital transformation. Our data management services encompass diverse data sources, types and endpoints, and accommodate cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments for ultimate customization to your organization’s needs.

Unlock insights and intelligence across your entire enterprise to imagine new business models, develop new supply chains, create new customer interactions, and be outstanding. Only with SAP Leonardo Big Data.

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