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Where Machine Learning Can Make a Difference

Machine learning uses sophisticated algorithms to “learn” from massive volumes of Big Data. The more data the algorithms can access, the more they can learn. Real-world machine learning examples are everywhere. Think of personalized product recommendations on Amazon, facial recognition on Facebook, or fastest route suggestions in Google Maps.

Major Benefits of Machine Learning impacting companies today

  • Faster decisions - Machine learning algorithms can prioritize and automate decision making. They can also flag opportunities and smart actions that should be taken immediately – so you can achieve the best results.

  • Adaptability - Artificial intelligence doesn’t just look at historical data. It can process real-time inputs – so you can adjust on the fly. Think of cars that can automatically stop before rear-ending another vehicle.

  • Algorithmic business - An “algorithmic business” uses advanced machine learning algorithms to achieve a high level of automation. Making the shift can pave the way for innovative new business models, products, and services.

  • Deeper insights - Machine learning can analyze big, complex, and streaming data, and find insights – including predictive insights – that are beyond human capabilities. It can then trigger actions based on those insights.

  • Efficiency - With smart, machine learning-supported business processes, you can dramatically improve efficiency. Plan and forecast accurately, automate tasks, reduce costs, and even eliminate human error.

  • Better outcomes - From triggering smart actions based on new opportunities and risks, to accurately predicting the results of a decision before it is made – machine learning can help you drive better business outcomes.

Deploy intelligent applications with embedded state-of-the-art technologies that amplify human qualities.

FINANCE – streamline and improve accuracy of time-intensive, repetitive activities such as assigning incoming payments to open invoices

HUMAN RESORCES (HR) – create efficient hiring processes, enable job matching, and foster an active personalized culture of learning

CUSTOMER SERVICE – gain new insights into customer behavior and improve the customer experience through personalization while eliminating manual processes

MARKETING – address more customers efficiently and personally with the same resources in the same time, and boost revenue, margins, and marketing ROI

PROCUREMENT – use machine learning to enrich your catalog

Machine Learning and SAP Leonardo

Traditionally, organizations have been able to analyze only structured data that resides in databases or business systems, such as enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software. Because most enterprise data – including images, videos, audio, e-mails, documents, and natural language text – is unstructured, it can be difficult to mine meaningful insights from the vast majority of your data. Fortunately, recent advances in machine learning technologies are making it easier to tap these unstructured data resources.

SAP Leonardo provides advanced machine learning technology that helps applications recognize patterns and correlations in data. The foundation offers instantly consumable services that help you learn from data, extract knowledge, and gain new insights. Without massive computing power or the efforts of data scientists, the foundation helps you add intelligence to your enterprise applications.

Start your path to the Intelligent Enterprise with Approyo

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