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Digital Transformation for the Transportation Industry with SAP powered by Approyo

The regulatory, competitive, and economic playing field creates but also constraints opportunities to drive efficiency and capture new growth potential. Transportation is now at the precipice of the digital era, and to remain competitive, companies have to transform or run the risk of having their destinies defined for them.

In response, leaders are not sitting still and merely “executing harder.” They are replacing legacy thinking and improving business processes with modern systems platforms to execute smarter. Innovation is becoming fundamental to their strategies.

Markets of one

While not a new business theme, the concepts supporting more personalization of services to a customer are being further improved by technology platforms and machine learning. By using blockchain technology and bringing business units and third party providers together, companies can be decentralized yet operate end to end. Services can be productized, priced, sold, executed, communicated, documented, and billed seamlessly, meeting customer expectations.

Technologically advanced workforce

While technologies such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and AI make a lot of press, the workforce will continue to be an important variable for success. These technology innovations can enable the workforce to run operations better. For example, the latest mobile and sensor technologies enable field-worker biometrics to be continuously monitored and corrective actions to be automatically deployed to ensure safety in the work environment and customer service at the point of delivery.

Connected assets

Carriers realize that data about asset operation provides valuable insights to develop predictive models that shift the risk and cost curve to provide better services levels at lower costs. Since carrier operators are ultimately accountable for service execution, the trend of outsourcing maintenance responsibility to the OEM is reversing. At the same time, the OEM relationship is evolving to include greater data sharing. Technology is enabling both to run better. Order to delivery Technology advancements enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), including networks, mobility, and processing power, eliminate paper-based processes and provide the data needed to enable a digital enterprise.

Companies are using these technologies to make better real-time decisions about things such as where to position capacity, when and where to service assets, sourcing of parts, refueling and taxes, whether to automatically turn off equipment to conserve energy, and so on.

In addition, business optimization and extending the value of key processes continues to be a key priority for innovative transportation companies to simplify and reimagine their business and free up resources to invest in transformative programs.

The intelligent enterprise enables employees to focus on higher-value outcomes and to invent new business models and revenue streams.

By applying intelligent technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and advanced analytics, leading transportation companies transform into event-driven businesses. Event-driven businesses automate repetitive tasks, enable employees to focus on higher-value tasks, and allow companies to invent new business models and revenue streams by monetizing data-driven capabilities and applying core competencies in new ways.

  • Optimize existing processes for more efficiency or reliability

  • Extend current business processes beyond efficiency gains to capture new sources of value

  • Transform the company’s value chain or business model to capture new revenue streams

SAP powered by Approyo Enables Transportation Companies to Become Intelligent Enterprises SAP powered by Approyo helps transportation companies transform to intelligent enterprises through integrated business applications that use intelligent technologies. This enables next-generation business processes to deliver breakthrough business value on our customers’ journey to becoming intelligent enterprises.

Intelligent Suite The set of applications provides the business capabilities that transportation companies need to run their business. End-to-end business processes span multiple applications, so processes and data must be integrated for automation, a seamless user experience, fast adoption, and ease of operations.

Intelligent Technologies

Several innovative technologies have matured to practical use:

  • The Internet of Things makes business applications interact with the physical world.

  • Big Data makes large data sets accessible for advanced analytics and intelligence.

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence automate repetitive processes and learn from human exception handling and decision-making.

  • Advanced analytics find data patterns to support decisions and predict the future.

  • Blockchain distributes collaborative processes across the entire value network.

  • Data intelligence finds new value in data assets for new business models.

Digital Platform

The digital platform, which is powered by SAP HANA, extends the intelligent end-to-end processes and connects to data sources:

  • Cloud platform that allows customers to extend their intelligent suite to run additional business processes

  • Data management to handle and organize data, a key asset of the intelligent enterprise

Start your path to the Intelligent Enterprise with Approyo

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