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Major Business Features of SAP HANA and an In-Memory Database

In the early days of databases, processors had little memory; so, for almost every operation, databases had to access disks, the primary storage media. Thus, response time was limited by disk speed. To increase the speed of access, IT organizations designed specialized databases for each workload or processing type – transactional, analytical, spatial, predictive analytic, and graphic – as well as added database accelerators.Transactional databases captured actual business data, but specialized databases required their own copies of data to handle specific business requirements, causing problems with duplication and synchronization of data and resulting in multiple versions of the truth. Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools emerged to synchronize data among databases. The result was a highly complex IT landscape – one that hindered business agility and focused resources on maintaining systems rather than driving innovation.

Although the additional databases were intended to accelerate access to data, businesses still lacked the real-time, actionable insights they needed to take immediate action. Relying on day-old data, decision makers couldn’t react quickly to changing business needs, and they lacked the agility that has become imperative in today’s digital economy. Organizations that cannot respond quickly get disrupted by the new entrants into the market. Today, combining advances in multicore processing with more affordable servers, SAP offers an in-memory platform that allows information to be stored and processed in the main memory to greatly accelerate processing times

With SAP HANA in-memory database software, you can run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions – and get accurate, up-to-date responses in a fraction of a second. The in-memory database eliminates predefined aggregates, materialized views, and data duplication between operational and decision support systems. So the real-time data you need is at your fingertips – 24/7.

One database for everything With SAP HANA, all your transactional and analytical data can live in a single database. This means you have access to the exact data you need in real time – all the time.

Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP) SAP HANA offers Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP) functionality to "break the wall" between transaction processing and analytics. SAP HANA is a single data platform that serves both transactional and analytical workloads delivering in-memory analytics on live transactions without data duplication – enabling customers to be more agile and make “real-time" business decisions.

Data Modeling - Run business logic close to your data SAP HANA makes it easy to build complex business logic using graphical modeling tools, decision tables, core data services, and pre-built business function libraries. You can embed your logic into stored procedures and run it inside the database to avoid unnecessary data movement. The best part? Your algorithms will run faster in SAP HANA because models take advantage of highly optimized in-memory calculation engines.

Run multiple tenant databases as one With SAP HANA multitenant database containers, you can manage several databases as one. All tenant databases share the same memory and processors – however they are securely isolated from one another, and each has its own users, catalog, repository, data and log files, and services. Assign dedicated resources to each tenant to optimize database performance. And cut costs by backing-up, patching, and recovering all databases at once.

Cost-effectively manage large data volumes With SAP HANA dynamic tiering, your frequently accessed data remains in memory, while your rarely accessed data is moved to disk. This lets you cost-effectively manage large data volumes without being limited by memory size. Your applications can access all data independently of where it is stored – and you can modify your database storage preferences at any time to meet user expectations.

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