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Approyo CEO Chris Carter Interviewed by techcompanynews.com

Approyo CEO Chris Carter recently say down with the folks at techcompanynews.com to talk about why he started Approyo, the big business benefits of SAP HANA, our new partnership with Bohh Labs and many other topics.

View the full interview at: http://techcompanynews.com/approyo-simplifying-sap-hana-adoption/

Q: What is the story behind Approyo, how did you start?

A: I started Approyo after meeting with a colleague at SAP and discussing SAP HANA. At the time, I was retired, and my colleague and friend at SAP came over to talk to me about this new technology called SAP HANA. After sharing a bottle of scotch and talking about my poor golf game, he convinced me it was worth looking at SAP HANA. At this point, I wanted to learn more, so I went to the SAP offices in Palo Alto and Germany to really get my hands-on HANA and see what it can do. I quickly saw that SAP HANA was truly a game changer. My next step was to become one of the early members of the SAP Startup Focus program. This program was a new initiative at SAP geared toward helping innovative start-ups grow their relationship with SAP and jumpstart their business. This program was instrumental in getting Approyo off the ground and growing in our early days. The rest they say is history… Over the years, we continued to build and grow our services, team and environments around SAP HANA. This focus continues to help us stand out in the SAP ecosystem and help companies and other SAP partners implement SAP HANA solutions.

Q: For the third year in a row, Approyo is on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s

fastest growing private companies. How important is it for you?

A: The ranking is very important at it continues to solidify our strategy and mission to become the leading global SAP Cloud Centric Solution provider. It’s not a question of “if” a company will move to the cloud anymore, it’s a question of “when” and “how”. This shift in thinking has helped us reach many clients who need to move their SAP environments to the cloud. When Approyo started, we really had to educate companies about the cloud. After many years of doing this, we are seeing the reward and we are viewed as a trusted advisor and true business partner.

Q: What are the major business benefits of SAP HANA?

A: SAP HANA provides a single in-memory data platform that supports both transactions and analytics on diverse data, a key requirement for applications supporting a modern, real-time digital business. In today’s digital economy, businesses cannot act on stale insights, thus a true in-memory data platform should support real-time processing for transactions and analytics for all a company’s data. This is a key differentiator of the SAP HANA platform against other traditional database vendors.

SAP HANA natively provides capabilities for machine learning, spatial processing, graph, streaming analytics, time series, text analytics/search, and cognitive services all within the same platform. Applications on SAP HANA can provide real-time actionable insights from a wide-variety of data types.

Combining these innovative technologies with SAP HANA’s advanced application development, modeling and custom algorithm support inside the database layer, more business logic can be executed close to the data. Specifically, SAP HANA’s support technology like stored procedures, business functions, core data services, rules framework, calculation views, and the application function library provide developers with a way to easily model complex data-intensive operations as close to the data as possible. Most competitive solutions require that you copy the data between core data storage and other technology stacks to perform these advanced analytics on the data.