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Intelligent technologies will drive a next-generation value economy

Your Customers expect personalized offerings, faster delivery, and proactive services; they want a best-in-class experience. Your Employees now represent 4-5 different generations; they all want to be empowered and engaged in meaningful work. And Productivity means doing even more with less, while driving top line growth through new business models. To address these challenges, you need to make sense of a growing volume of data, allocate scarce capital, and innovate with relentless speed.

Intelligent technologies will drive a next-generation value economy

Machine learning enables algorithms to “learn” from existing data without being explicitly programmed. Algorithms can predict future outcomes based on new data. They are becoming highly accurate in natural language understanding, and in image and speech recognition. Businesses can leverage these capabilities to eliminate repetitive manual tasks that consume valuable employee time and to drive the next level of intelligent business process automation.

The internet of things can deliver petabytes of valuable new data. The IoT can connect the entire value chain, from design to production to supply chain. Data-driven insights of customer preferences can drive better design, lower material costs, and reduce risk. Real-time analysis of machine temperature and pressure can predict maintenance needs, as well as identify potential quality problems in manufacturing processes before they occur.

The integration of advanced analytics capabilities into applications enables business users to analyze data on the fly and drives better decision-making. Empowered users, benefiting from embedded analytics in business processes, can get real-time visibility into their changing environment, simulate the impact of business decisions, and achieve better customer outcomes.

The Intelligent Enterprise from SAP accelerates value creation through 3 capabilities: visibility, focus, and agility.

  • With Visibility, you can tap into siloed or external data and recognize previously unseen patterns.

  • With Focus, you can simulate the downstream impacts of critical decisions and allocate scarce resources.

  • And with Agility, you can adapt your business processes in response to changing market conditions in real-time.

Your business may already have some of these capabilities, but they can be dramatically enhanced through intelligent technologies, such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Advanced Analytics. It’s these enhanced capabilities that allow the Intelligent Enterprise to achieve 3 critical outcomes faster and more effectively than ever before:

  • Do more with less with empowered employees

  • Deliver a best-in-class customer experience

  • Invent new business models and revenue streams