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SAP Spotlighted by Gartner as Leader in Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems f

For the sixth consecutive year, Gartner has positioned database solutions from SAP in the Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (DBMS) report. The recognition amplifies their vision of the Intelligent Enterprise it’s growing in momentum. Here is the official press release from SAP.

The Gartner report evaluates completeness of vision and ability to execute, where the operational DBMS market is defined by relational and non-relational database management products that are suitable for traditional transactions used to support business processes and event data in Internet of Things (IoT) use cases.

"SAP believes that the measurable increase of our “ability to execute” in the leaders’ quadrant reflects customer satisfaction regarding SAP HANA product capability expansion and innovation, and the growth of our partner ecosystem. We are dedicated to bringing the Intelligent Enterprise to life via our digital platform, intelligent technologies, and intelligent suite of applications for our ever-growing customer base, which is currently comprised of more than 27,000 SAP HANA customers."

This is an impressive achievement for the entire team at SAP and an illustration of the work we do every day, year after year. At this pivotal moment for the business, SAP has shown once again how it works tirelessly to help businesses thrive, all thanks to the power of SAP HANA.

SAP HANA in Focus SAP HANA is without doubt a key highlight. Having evolved from an in-memory DBMS into a robust business data platform, combining multimodel capabilities for graph, spatial, streaming, and a native document store with advanced analytical processing, SAP HANA enables customers to process large and diverse data sets quickly to discover new insights.

With the ability to combine transactions and analytics in the same database (hybrid transaction/analytical processing [HTAP]), SAP HANA can support various workloads and use cases and deliver significant performance improvements and cost savings.

The recently introduced SAP HANA Data Management Suite enables secure, governed enterprise-class applications and analytics by providing an open, hybrid, and multi-cloud enabled-solution suite that orchestrates all of your data, providing a trusted, unified data foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise. Although it is very much at the heart of SAP’s strategy, SAP HANA is not just for SAP applications. The ability to support our customers in the development of custom applications is also very much a priority for SAP and we are seeing great momentum in this space.

View the full Press Release on sap.com

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