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Simplify data to unleash innovation with SAP HANA

Often, the IT budget is allocated to keeping the lights on. Even when the vision to innovate might be there, the business case might not. But executives do worry that their organizations will not keep pace with technological change, causing them to lose their competitive edge. The proliferation of data, and the increased need for data-driven decision making, has had such a profound impact that every business is an analytics business, and every employee an analytics user. It’s this need for analytics by a growing base of users, coupled with requirements for a scalable data platform driven by ever-increasing volumes and variety of data, that is creating a flashpoint. For today’s enterprise, data warehouses can represent both a challenge and an opportunity. The distributed base of decision makers wants and needs to pay attention to a whole host of new and increasingly forward-looking signals, including customer sentiment and social data, new business risks, and non-financial data stored in a variety of places (i.e. in the cloud and within on-premise solutions) to make truly informed decisions.

Simplify new and built-up data to unleash innovation with SAP HANA Powered by Approyo

Complexity in the sheer amount of data taken in by an organization, along with the various formats that are often introduced, challenge IT departments to make sense of everything in a way that enables an improved user experience and makes tighter and timelier decisions. Managing, ensuring the validity, and making sense of all that data is an overwhelming task. An agile data mart leveraging SAP HANA provides all the data analytics power in a simpler solution, with a single platform for all workloads and data types (predictive, graph, text, spatial, streaming, etc.) and use cases including custom applications as well as analytic solutions that address various kinds of usage patterns including real-time analytics, traditional data marts, operational data marts and predictive data marts. This approach provides:

  • Freedom to build custom data models and data management processes, independent of any model presumptions

  • Different modeling approaches, such as data vault instead of star schema

  • A choice of best-of-breed tools – provided by SAP or a third party of your choice – and support for the flexible creation of data marts that are as simple or as complex, as small or as large, as a scenario requires

  • Flexibility to exchange single tools instead of an entire stack in response to technology advancements

Simplified Architecture with SAP HANA Powered by Approyo This simplified architecture is a single platform that delivers:

  • Actionable insights in real-time from any data and any source

  • Leverable, relevant, and accessible Big Data and IoT data scenarios

  • Market leading data integration and data quality

  • The ability to process transactions and analytics at real-time speed

  • Predictive, text, spatial, graph, and conversational UI

Simplified Development Platform with SAP HANA Powered by Approyo

  • An integrated architecture that reduces data redundancy while keeping all information at hand

  • A platform that utilizes state-of-the-art in-memory techniques to furnish answers in-context, in real time

  • Able to ingest data from any source and easily consume from SAP and Non-SAP analytics applications

  • A platform to model, compute and store any data including data lake environments like Hadoop

  • Able to make more data available at the right time to the right person at the right place in the business process

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