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Innovation powered by the intelligent enterprise

An intelligent enterprise is a smart, best-run business. It is an organization that capitalizes on intelligent technologies to automate complex business processes, anticipates new customer needs and invents new business models.

To build an intelligent enterprise, you need to be equipped with the tools of the future. Only SAP solutions have the depth of experience combined with the breadth of industry knowledge to offer innovative solutions that can effectively streamline your business from end to end. SAP solutions powered by Approyo are committed to delivering continuous innovations to our customers to ensure they continually have access to the latest innovations and best-of-breed technologies to deliver the visibility, focus and agility they need.

  • Award-winning digital-age user experience (UI): SAP has delivered the world’s first hands-free ERP. It’s built on an award-winning UI including a context-aware, business-savvy digital assistant for the enterprise.

  • AI-powered automation: Combining learning capabilities, predictive analytics, and real-time insight adds automation to key functions, notifies users when input is needed, and enables faster and smarter decisions.

  • Next-generation business processes: SAP helps you rethink how business is done by reinventing and redefining processes with applied best practices built on the latest innovations.

Get the most out of your data

To get the most out of your digital journey, you need to utilize data from multiple sources, including core data from your business processes, as well as external data sources such as connected sensors, weather information, satellite pictures, road conditions, market data, and social media.

Digitization is creating tons of data every day, much of which is unstructured, such as images and videos. This data by itself is of little use. Insights from data are essential for today ́s business, but they’re useless if you can’t make sense of them. Intelligent enterprises are driven by data and insights. It’s not just about having the right data at your fingertips but having the analytical insights from that data linked to your core business processes. This is where machine learning can help, as it unlocks knowledge from structured and unstructured

data to enable the intelligent enterprise.

Be intelligent – use machine learning

Machine learning lets you make sense of raw data and unlock new insights by learning from data, rather than programming explicit rules. Deploying machine learning capabilities across relevant business processes can help identify untapped opportunities, expose hidden risks, and automate repetitive tasks or knowledge-based work.

Unlock the value of IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has been around for decades, but now it tops the agenda for many companies. That’s because the evolution of connectivity, Big Data management, analytics, and cloud technology are presenting new opportunities for IoT in business. Initially, IoT applications focused on operational activities on shop floors because downtime or system failure could result in significant losses. Aside from the benefit of uptime, the data collected from IoT technology wasn’t generally used. Now customers are using SAP powered by Approyo to leverage that data to shift from reactive maintenance practices to proactive endeavors to work smarter, get better insights, and provide new services to their customers based on IoT data.

Start your path to the Intelligent Enterprise with Approyo

Approyo provides full SAP service technology with extensive capabilities in consulting, solutions architecture, hosting and managed services, in order to develop the right solution for our customers. Get started today...

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