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2019 Technology and IT Predictions

Every year, the team at Approyo gathers a few predictions for the upcoming year. This year we decided to make two lists, one focused on the IT and business world and the other focused on consumer technology. Top IT predictions for 2019

  • Intelligent Data – Businesses are now understanding the impact of big data in the marketplace. The next step is using all that data in intelligent ways to be able to grow your business. In 2018, SAP introduced the concept of “Intelligent Enterprise”. This gives businesses the technology solutions needed to use all the data and make intelligent decisions to improve business,

  • AI and Machine Learning - Creating systems that learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously. In 2019 and beyond, these systems will work with people to create better business processes and improve the bottom line. SAP continues to innovate with SAP Leonardo. It has many features for AI and Machine Learning that can help companies today.

  • Security – As we mentioned in our first bullet point, data is one of the most important aspects of your business. Cloud and hosting partners will need to continue to adapt security measures to protect this valuable information.

Top Consumer Technology predictions for 2019

  • AI in every part of our lives – AI is impacting every part of our lives in ways we probably don’t think about. Digital assistants are becoming widespread, your email is not writing sentences for you and more companies are utilizing AI in everyday business practices. You probably are interacting with chat-bots online or on the phone and you might now even know it.

  • Faster Internet – The Internet is a part of every minute of our lives. Between phones, cameras, voice enabled home systems, computers and even refrigerators, more and more devices require an internet connection. Because of this new reality, 5g and faster Wi-Fi internet will continue to grow.

  • Digital Assistants become the norm – Since the introduction of Apple’s Suri, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa, the digital assistant has started to be part of our daily lives. Now and in the future, more and more devices will have a digital assistant built in. Everything from speakers, to cars and even appliances will now be enables with digital assistants to help you with daily tasks.

  • Security - We mentioned this on our IT list and it is here as well. More people than ever are online and use cloud services to store pictures, passwords, data and more. This means more phishing scams and hackers. People need to be aware of their security at home and at the office. Make sure you change your passwords on your online accounts and home devices.

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