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SAP S/4HANA 1809 Supply Chain for Transportation Management

SAP S/4HANA 1809 Supply Chain for Transportation Management

SAP S/4HANA 1809, released in late 2018, significantly increases the possibilities for digital transformation across all lines of business. Imagine giving voice commands to your SAP ERP system and obtaining instant analytics. Or automating a large portion of your business processes, freeing employees for value-added activities. The streamlined architecture of the SAP S/4HANA 1809 release is also scalable, enabling you to drive growth and profitability.

SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain for Transportation Management 1809 highlights:

Forwarding industries, planning, charge calculation and settlement

Improvements in freight planning with Gantt chart Smart add - With the smart add function, Gantt chart automatically displays the objects you selected from other UIBBs in Transportation Cockpit as well as the context objects so that you can focus on objects you are interested in when making transportation plans in Gantt chart.

Attribute-based planning - You can group multiple transportation demands by a specific attribute and then plan the group together. Using this way, the planning efficiency improves a lot comparing with single transportation demand-based planning.

Operating Times / Calendar - A new resource Operating Times / Calendar has been supported in Gantt chart so that you can visualize load / unload planning results and make adjustments as needed.

Package Unit (Linear Topology) - Similar to Container Unit, a new document ‘Package Unit’ with linear topology has been supported in Gantt chart so that you can visualize package unit planning results and make adjustments as needed.

Dynamic display warning number - The Number of Warnings column in the table area presents you the total number of warnings occurred on each row in a real-time manner. You can also deselect a certain warning type in Legend so that warnings of that type are not considered when calculating the total number.

Quick view - Gantt Chart presents a quick view page for both objects in the table area and shapes in the chart area. Additionally, by clicking the hyperlinks on the quick view, you can navigate to the corresponding detail page.

Bird eye zooming - By clicking the Bird Eye button, the system intelligently uses the best zoom rate to display shapes in the all rows, visible rows, or a specific row. This feature requires UI5 1.54 or later versions.

Update detailed screen area - Starting from this release, we decouple the update detailed screen event from the selection event. You can click the review icon in action column to trigger the update detailed screen event.

Show document stage detailed screen area - You can select a requirement or capacity document stage to show the details: Stage cargo, Stage load plan, Freight unit stage hierarchy, Package unit stage hierarchy.

Package Unit Planning

  • Package unit (PU)

  • Document to keep items on packages together over several stages (e.g. linehaul and delivery tour)

  • Loaded in container units or trailer units

  • Master data is retrieved from the packaging material master

  • New single document user interface for PU

  • New POWL for PU

Package Building Enhancements

  • New C++optimizer

  • Enhanced constraints

  • Optional mixed package building

  • Material master data enhancements

  • Package building profile enhancements

Package building Prerequisites: Customizing and master data The Product Orientation Profile can be defined in Customizing and be set in the Material Master Data. Furthermore, it can be set in the Reference Product for Package Building and in the Package Building Profile as default Orientation Profile.

The Package Building Profile has been enhanced with several new settings. A Product Relationship Profile can be assigned, where the behavior of Product A to Product B on a Mixed Pallet can be defined. Additionally, Location Hierarchies for soft and hard grouping of materials, and package type determination can be used to set further constraints on a geographical point of view. A Grouping Preference can be set to choose between undefined, group same products together or group products by customer. Finally, the Mixed Package Building Mode can be set to Detailed instead of Volume-based, with the result that further specific settings regarding building restrictions can be set.

With the new Package Building Optimizer Profile the technical settings of the Optimizer itself can be defined, which includes maximum runtime, optimization emphasis and dump and trace levels.


  • A product orientation profile defines allowed rotations of a material when being packaged

  • The package building profile has been enhanced with several new settings

  • A new package building optimizer profile is introduced to specify the technical settings of the optimizer

Material master data

  • New package building settings are available under the WM packaging section

Forwarding settlement simplification

  • Direct posting of SD billing document from forwarding settlement document (FSD) without webservice

  • Online validations and error handling for posting

  • Organization mapping in organization model

Transportation changes:

Filtering zero charges: Improved performance during batch processing by excluding “0” charge items from settlement creation

  • During batch processing of FWOs for settlement creation, charge items with zero amounts are no longer considered

  • New invoicing status to identify those orders with zero amount

Calculation date and exchange rate date change propagation

  • Fixation flag set only at the level where the change was done

  • If all charge items have the same manually changed date, then copy the same date to the root (regardless of the manually-changed date indicator). Otherwise, the date is cleared at the root.

Retain manual charges

  • If the existing agreement or agreement item holds good for newly changed business partner / organization / logistical data the manually entered charges will remain

Deficit weight rating (DWR)

  • New charge line “Deficit Charge” which holds the deficit weight and deficit rate

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