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Maximize Value of Your Data with SAP Data Hub

SAP Data Hub empowers you to unlock the value of all your data. You can understand data from social sites, third-party data sources, devices, and sensors to identify ways to improve user engagement and products, and you can embed machine learning technology and predictive analytics into any use case.

Internet of Things Ingestion and Orchestration

Tackle the challenge of understanding vast quantities of raw data and events from disparate, semi structured sources. SAP Data Hub solves the challenge of capturing, structuring the unstructured, and then analyzing data from distributed heterogeneous environments spanning messaging systems, cloud storage systems, and enterprise applications. It enables enterprises to ingest, integrate, and process sensor data, correlating it to structured application data for full business context and supporting a variety of modern and advanced processing paradigms to get actionable insights. These insights can be used to drive and influence intelligent processes. It improves processes to reduce risk and drive profitability, as well as increases productivity gains for critical-use cases such as product quality improvements and preventive maintenance.

Intelligent Data Warehouse

Expand beyond traditional, monolithic data warehousing by orchestrating data, on premise or in the cloud, across data warehouses, data lakes, data marts, and enterprise applications. Combine structured and unstructured data and process data where it resides with data pipeline applications. Enable enterprises to quickly acquire new data sources with previously siloed data from traditional data warehouses, data marts, enterprise applications, and Big Data stores. Combine all types of sources including structured and unstructured data in a governed way, and streamline a large variety of processing on them. For scenarios such as customer behavior analysis, SAP Data Hub brings the power of intelligent data.

Data Science and Machine Learning Data Management

Drive data ingestion and data preparation from any source of any kind, and intuitively infuse business processes with data science and predictive analytics. SAP Data Hub provides one unified tool to process machine learning models and advanced analytics algorithms on any mix of engines, whether from SAP (predictive analysis library on SAP HANA, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities, and so on) or from third-party providers (such as Python, R, Spark, and TensorFlow). It helps data scientists and data architects to streamline data science projects, with one single overarching tool delivering ingestion, preparation, and processing across all kinds of disparate data, different engines, and disparate processing paradigms. Enterprises can now industrialize advanced analytics and machine learning in a cost-effective, time-effective, and reliable way. Use cases such as smart energy management, transaction fraud detection, and customer churn can now employ all trusted data for better machine learning.

Governance with Data Cataloging

A variety of disparate data assets, structured and unstructured, distributed across different cloud and on-premise locations, are becoming more and more crucial to enterprises aiming to become data-driven businesses. But governance capabilities struggle to keep pace and are often still siloed, covering only partial views. This creates a challenge when sharing the intelligence with all the consumers of information. With SAP Data Hub, you can enable consistent and proper handling of data quality, integrity, and security across the enterprise. Profile, view, and expose the data of all connected systems. And you can architect data models more quickly in a highly visual environment.

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