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Mirror Review Recognizes Approyo as one of The 10 Most Agile SAP Solution Providers To Keep An Eye O

Mirror Review has listed Approyo among the top SAP solution providers in its latest magazine, “The 10 Most Agile SAP Solution Providers To Keep An Eye On In 2019

The magazine has recently published its special issue, in which it has featured the most prominent companies that empower their clients with the most advanced SAP solutions and tools for enterprise operations.

Today, SAP is leading the world with industry expertise in providing high grade enterprise solutions. It is the unique characteristic of SAP that enable a strong digital core and an easy-to-use system that supports innovations planned by companies. Tools provided by SAP are helping businesses transform themselves and take themselves towards success, without jeopardizing the daily business operations.

In its published story, Chris Carter, the CEO and Founder of Approyo shares his journey from starting Approyo to leading it to a successful SAP solutions provider company. Currently, in the leadership of Chris, SAP solutions by Approyo help businesses to unlock the full potential of SAP technologies. Mayur Shewale, Assistant Editor of Mirror Review shares, “SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform are useful to build intelligent applications and analytics solutions across various industries which greatly assist in streamlining business processes. However, the emergence of challenges like technological differences, integration difficulties is an essential part of their implementation. Such challenges are the prime motive behind the need for quality SAP solutions providers who can integrate SAP with leading systems like CRMs, Supplier, or third-party purchase order systems. Chris and his team at Approyo have recognized these challenges and are helping customers to develop a fully operational SAP HANA solution in the cloud to gratify the needs of their customers.

“We are excited to be part of this great list of companies" said Christopher Carter, CEO of Approyo. "This achievement continues to validate our success in the SAP and Cloud marketplace.”

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