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Key Benefits of Outsourcing your SAP Basis Support

SAP Basis refers to the administration of SAP system that includes activities like installation and configuration, load balancing, and performance of SAP applications running on Java stack and SAP ABAP. This includes the maintenance of different services related to database, operating system, application and web servers in SAP system landscape and stopping and starting the system.

SAP Basis support is a critical aspect to organizations running SAP Solutions and companies looking to get the most out of these solutions. In-House support teams are most likely severely overburdened and can’t give Basis the attention it deserves. Many companies have faced a large turnover of SAP professionals, requiring them to scramble just to keep SAP running. Or, many organization can't find the expertise needed to manage these solutions. So, they do what they can to keep SAP Basis running — for now.

Key Benefits of outsourcing SAP Basis Support:

  • No need to hire, train or retain SAP staff

  • Help you stay focused on your core competencies

  • Costs reduction with predictable SAP support costs and improved operational efficiencies

  • Improved reliability, availability and performance of the SAP infrastructure

  • Quality monitoring to boost system availability and capacity

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