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Act with Live Intelligence with SAP HANA powered by Approyo

Companies worldwide use SAP HANA to transform their business and create value. To deliver timely action and to accelerate with simplicity, SAP HANA can help you unleash next-level performance with a simple, all-in-one, in-memory computing, no-compromise business data platform.

Act with Live Intelligence

SAP HANA provides next-generation hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) with the broadest advanced analytics capabilities to help business leaders understand information in context and achieve situational awareness to act in the moment. This includes native high-performance predictive and machine learning algorithms and integration with TensorFlow and R to reveal meaningful patterns in data and build applications that can learn and automate manual business processes. Text analysis and search capabilities help extract real insights from unstructured textual data in many different languages. Administrative boundary content, advanced services such as geocoding, and spatial services available in the cloud help accelerate development of location-aware business applications.

SAP HANA can store and query streaming data from sensors, plant equipment, and Internet of Things devices; time-series data such as price fluctuations and information on machine efficiency; and highly interconnected graph data. It also pro-vides a JSON document store. These powerful capabilities can be leveraged with standard SQL, enabling data to be combined from standard relational databases, spatial and graph data, and data stored in a JSON document. A wealth of new possibilities helps you reimagine business models.

To support situational awareness, SAP HANA provides next-generation HTAP with the broadest advanced analytics so that you can act and decide with live intelligence. SAP HANA allows you to act smarter by developing live, intelligent applications with the most comprehensive analytical processing, including machine learning.

To innovate with confidence, SAP HANA offers a comprehensive application development frame-work with the most advanced real-time data protection and privacy that allows you to safely adapt to change and to know without seeing.With its robust architecture, SAP HANA is the business data platform that gives you real-time insight into live transactional data.

To achieve cloud acceleration, SAP HANA is the hybrid and multi-cloud data platform that gives you freedom to move to the cloud at your pace without cloud vendor lock-in. SAP HANA allows you to adapt to change safely by embracing a next-generation business data platform for any cloud environment.

At the same time, it lets you simplify your IT landscape and reduce effort by consolidating multiple workloads onto the business data platform. With its robust architecture, SAP HANA is the business data platform that gives you real-time insight into live transactional data. With SAP HANA, you can deliver the revolutionary solutions needed immediately – with drastically reduced complexity and infrastructure demands.

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