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SAP Demystified: Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA

SAP Demystified: Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA

In December of 2017, Microsoft and SAP announced a ground breaking partnership in the technology world. In a bold show of commitment, the two companies also announced they will be deploying each other’s cloud solutions internally. Through their unique partnership, the companies will co-engineer, go to market together with premier solutions and provide joint support services to ensure the best cloud experience for customers.

Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA

Microsoft and SAP have partnered to offer certified SAP solutions to enterprises for the migration and deployment of their SAP applications to Microsoft Azure providing hybrid and full cloud solutions. This partnership enables customers to take advantage of on-demand resources in the cloud and maximize the value of their Microsoft and SAP investments. Microsoft Azure offers a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure platform that enables businesses to quickly deploy SAP solutions in the cloud to simplify infrastructure management, improve time to market, and lower costs.

The launch of the SAP HANA on Azure offerings based on the Azure GS5 virtual machine type and new large instances for SAP HANA on Azure brings new levels of performance to an SAP cloud environment previously not available. This certified for production SAP HANA landscape integrates bare metal and virtualized components.

Running SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure provides a number of customer benefits:

  • Hardware cost savings: No longer do you have to procure expensive hardware (such as an SAP HANA Appliance) via your CapEx budget and then have IT provision over a relatively long period of time. The cost of Microsoft Azure is subscription-based and thus, OpEx from a budget perspective.

  • Operational cost savings: Environments like development and test can be used only when they’re necessary. When they’re not in use, they can be turned off (deallocated) and therefore, minimizing operational costs.

  • Quick deployment: The ability for your business users to evaluate new technology becomes easier as new SAP HANA environments can be deployed in literally minutes from established virtual machine images already developed.

  • More flexibility: By way of configuring Microsoft Azure or using available 3rd party tools, starting and stopping SAP HANA instances based on a time schedule for training, demo, or other purposes is feasible and provides much more flexibility than physical hardware environments.

  • Integration: Integrating with other solutions such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) Device Gateway, Hadoop, Predictive Analytics, and Business Productivity is more feasible with deployment of SAP on Microsoft Azure

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