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Ask Approyo: How is Artificial Intelligence impacting businesses right now?

Ask Approyo: How is Artificial Intelligence impacting businesses right now?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. The massive amount of data produced by our devices, sensors, and the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow. Turning this data into actionable insights and reaching new levels of sophistication and efficiency will require artificial intelligence (AI).

Now is the time to start to implement AI solutions at your business. Here are just a few examples of how AI is impacting the day to day operations at companies around the world.

Automating customer interactions Most customer interactions, such as emails, online chat, social media conversations and telephone calls, currently require human involvement. AI, however, is enabling companies to automate these communications. By analyzing data collected from previous communications it is possible to program computers to respond accurately to customers and deal with their inquiries. What’s more, when AI is combined with machine learning, the more the AI platforms interact, the better they become.

Data Mining Cloud-based AI apps are so advanced that they can quickly discover important information and relevant findings while processing big data. This gives businesses insights into previously undiscovered information, which gives them a major advantage in the marketplace.

Reducing Human Error Robotic process automation (RPA) can help businesses avoid costly human errors. Each year human errors cost SMEs millions of pounds. RPA tools are designed to continually collect, analyze and learn from large amounts of data. As such, robots are far more effective at standardizing processes than human employees.

Businesses around the world use RPA software across a range of industries and purposes. For example, making logical and consistent marketing decisions, avoiding expensive fines from mistakes within compliance reports, and using set protocols to reduce injuries at work.

Automation Since the industrial revolution, the rise of technology has gone hand in hand with the automation of work. From tractors, to automated hotel bookings and advanced robots working in manufacturing factories, the theme remains constant. As far as the introduction of artificial intelligence is concerned, the only difference is where it works. There’s a growing trend towards the automation of routine work. Artificial intelligence is quickly automating routine processes, the same way industrial era machines automated physical labor. Not only are these technologies extremely capable, they also don’t require coffee, lunch or smoke breaks.

Breaking the language barrier At one time or another, we’ve all used Google Translate to simplify our communication with someone, understand a text in a foreign language, or as a part of our work. While the initial translation solutions might not have been the most efficient, Google has implemented machine learning to teach their digital translator to improve on the go. Now, it delivers highly realistic translations, despite their complexity or colloquial nature.

However, AI has gone a step further, and we now have devices that can instantly translate speech into a variety of languages as you enjoy a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your own native language.

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