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Advantages of implementing a Cloud ERP Solution

Cloud ERP Advantages

For most companies, the big question is not if but when they will adopt cloud computing for the bulk of their IT operations, including the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software they use to manage inventory and product manufacturing.

Rapid deployment

By using cloud computing, your growing business won’t have to purchase, install and maintain server equipment which can be tedious and time-consuming. The cloud provider will take care of all security and maintenance, saving time to allow you to focus on what your company does best.

Scale upwards

The speed of cloud scalability means that you can quickly evolve your IT infrastructure to be as powerful and expansive as you need it to be the minute an opportunity for growth presents itself. You can scale up immediately and get to work faster as your business increases its headcount and volume of data. Read more about cloud ERP scalability and flexibility here.

Better Business Intelligence Cloud technology allows organizations to access data remotely without complex technical configuration or robust IT staffing. Over the past two years, the number of organizations deploying business intelligence (BI) in the cloud has doubled. Cloud BI adoption is especially prevalent among sales and marketing departments as they rely on real-time data to understand and improve the customer journey.

When it comes to data access and data storage, cloud ERP has several advantages over on-premise ERP. Cloud technology is more scalable for storing large amounts of data and can provide access to data gathered by IoT technology.


No matter what industry you’re in, the market demands fast service, product and service reliability and transaction predictability; crucial factors that can put your business into a disarray if not handled properly. Moving to the cloud allows you to push products to the market much quicker.

Implement Quickly

Investment of new hardware and slower updating is not needed for cloud-based systems that utilizes the web, because updates are implemented without human-interaction.

Non-Physical Servers

Maintenance of hardware is not essential, simply because there is not physical hardware on-site at all. This is a big plus for operations that have to constantly maintain hardware and can instead further their focus on other areas within the production facility.

Agile workforce

With a cloud-based ERP, your staff will be able to access data and make decisions on the fly wherever they are. Since data is not locked up in individual employees’ machines, you can give teams 24/7 access at home, on a plane or event at a client’s location for a meeting. They will have the power to do more and collaborate

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