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Why does the Intelligent Enterprise Matter in 2019 and beyond

The Intelligent Enterprise is the concept that the way we work should be as seamless, if not more seamless, than the way we live. We should be able to get access to our systems from any device at any time, and the systems should actually be able to:

  • Prioritize the work for us

  • Make recommendations on how to tackle problems

  • Handle simple and repetitive tasks in an automated fashion

  • Uncover patterns and insights across my work system and present them to me so I can make the best decision at the right time

An intelligent enterprise is one that can effectively leverage the overwhelming volume of data that is accessible to them, and draw truly meaningful insights. Intelligent enterprises operate with visibility, focus, and agility to achieve game-changing outcomes. They do more with less, and empower employees through process automation. They deliver a best-in-class customer experience, by proactively responding to customer expectations. And they invent new business models, and revenue streams.

Major benefits of deploying an Intelligent Enterprise

  • Increase enterprise and ecosystem visibility - Eliminate data silos and automate data wrangling and integration. Recognize unseen patterns – and provide new intelligence to service customers and employees.

  • Focus resources on today and tomorrow - Direct scarce resources to areas where they’ll have the greatest impact. Simulate the outcome of potential options – run your business today and innovate for tomorrow.

  • Gain the agility to disrupt and outmaneuver - Build flexibility and insight into your business processes to rapidly respond to change, pivot towards the right outcomes, and guard against disruptive competitors.

With a digital foundation that allows a step-by-step, data-driven approach to digital innovation, businesses no longer have to wait until the right technology stack is available and affordable enough to implement. Instead, they can transform themselves into intelligent enterprises that can:

  • Think through end-to-end mega-processes and align them with strategic priorities

  • Build future enterprise architecture and partnerships with a clear direction

  • Gain the speed and agility to innovate with the latest digital technologies and prove the value of new products, services, processes, and business models without delay

Start your path to the Intelligent Enterprise with Approyo

Approyo provides full SAP service technology with extensive capabilities in consulting, solutions architecture, hosting and managed services, in order to develop the right solution for our customers. Get started today...

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