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Ask Approyo: What is X-data and O-data?

Ask Approyo: What is X-data and O-data?

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post that recapped this years SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference, the "new" SAP Experience Management was the big news item from SAP. This is the big new offering from the Qualtrics acquestion last year. Basically SAP wants to the major player in the Experience Management area. They want to help companies truly understand thier data, how people are interacting with their product and services and improve upon the customer experience.

To put it simply, X-data is experience data and O-data is operational data.

Here is how SAP defines it:

"Operational data (O) – like costs, revenues, and sales – show what is happening in your business. Data collected about an experience (X-data) – whether it is about customer, product, employee, or brand – provides a richer, more immediate, and more salient understanding of the quality of an experience than traditional data sets. SAP Experience Management solutions combine X-data and O-data. By collecting experience data at every meaningful touchpoint, you can analyze and understand experience gaps – and determine what to do about them. Your company can then automate actions across business functions to drive improvement in customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

Sap wants to know why it's a part of the X and O data solution why is somebody doing something why are they taking me steps why did they back out of this transaction why are they doing this transaction if they can figure out the why that will be a game-changer but right now I'm not exactly sure how it's all going to melt together with the other tools that they have."

As you can see its all about the "data" and how you use it at your company. SAP continues to lead the pack in terms of using data in an intelligent way.

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