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How can the Intelligent Enterprise impact Consumer Product Companies

How can the Intelligent Enterprise impact Consumer Product Companies

The intelligent enterprise enables employees to focus on higher-value outcomes and to invent new business models and revenue streams.

By applying intelligent technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics, leading consumer products companies transform into event-driven businesses. This means they automate repetitive tasks, enable employees to focus on higher-value activities, and invent new business models and revenue streams.

Consumer products landscape undergoing radical change

Consumer products (CP) companies face pressures from all sides, including from empowered consumers, new competitors, and channel partners that are competing with their own private-label products. Added to all that, tremendous volatility persists in basic costs, from raw materials, to labor, to shipping, and beyond.

The journey from “carts to hearts”

So how can CP companies adapt to these new marketplace realities using their legacy brand, innovation, and process strengths to expand their reach?

It’s all about moving “from carts to hearts,” as consumers seek a deeper connection with brands and products – often by way of apps and services that enhance their experience.In fact, many CP companies are reimagining business models, business processes, and work itself to create entirely new drivers for growth.

A digital vision that leads to growth

To succeed, CP companies need a digital vision, one that supports a differentiating growth strategy. This vision must connect seamlessly from R&D and innovation through procurement and manufacturing, and include a real-time, transparent supply chain. Equally important are the sales, marketing, and commerce capabilities that pull in – and retain – consumers.

The digital core –from processes to platforms

To execute on this vision, CP companies need to reengineer their business processes and evaluate their technology platform. The winning platform provides both stability and long-term reliability and the flexibility to change.

The “digital core” is the foundation for core processes that need to run consistently and flexibly. It provides uninterrupted, real-time transactions and analytics, the ability to work with Big Data, and connectivity to supporting processes such as talent sourcing and networks.

The Intelligent ERP for the Intelligent Enterprise

Bringing SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Leonardo technologies together as a digital core results in a more flexible and intelligent enterprise. To achieve next-generation business processes, companies need an intelligent ERP solution that can be continuously enhanced and extended with innovative business services and applications built on emerging technologies. Many consumer products companies have already begun the journey.

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