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Opportunities to Reimagine Business Processes with the Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent enterprises have the visibility, focus, and agility to overcome those challenges and deliver a step change in productivity, redefine the end-to-end customer experience, and transform workforce engagement. The SAP strategy lays out a framework that showcases the three technical components that every company must have to become an intelligent enterprise:

  • Intelligent Suite - An integrated, yet modular suite of line-of-business (LoB) applications that enables our customers to share insights across functions to better manage stakeholders and their day-to-day operations.

  • Digital Platform - Data management and cloud platform technologies to dynamically orchestrate the growing volume of data and business processes across an intelligent enterprise, so that customers can make sense of their data in real-time. The digital platform forms the foundation of all intelligent activities.

  • Intelligent Technology - Tools and technologies that turn intelligence into business outcome such as analytics, machine learning (ML),artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. They are delivered through the digital platform,embedded within intelligent suite applications, and applied to processes that integrate both SAP and third-party data and applications.

SAP is evolving its strategy to be “The Experience Company powered by the Intelligent Enterprise”.

It is our responsibility to help SAP customers thrive in this new Experience Economy. That is why the Qualtrics International Inc., the market leader and creator of experience management software, is so important. With Qualtrics’ offerings for Experience Management, SAP solutions can help companies solve those same challenges, but with far greater insight and understanding of their business. Together, SAP solutions now have the power to merge two data sets, experience data (X-data) and operational data (O-data), and to serve customers with greater intelligence so they can understand not only the organizational impacts of every decision and action they take, but also the human impacts.

In an era in which data plays a vital role in all decision-making and in every business process, having the ability to manage big X-data and O-data, gaining new levels of business insights, and turning them into impactful actions is an absolute key to customer success. As business data volume grows exponentially, and as enterprises have access to an abundance of new intelligent technologies, customers have countless opportunities to influence experiences and reimagine their business processes through data-driven innovation.

  1. Drive a step-change in productivity: a global clothes retailer collects big and diverse data from SAP C/4HANA including X-data from Qualtrics software and from third-party sources such as comments on social media. This data is streamed into a data lake integrated with SAP HANA and dedicated to a customer behavior analysis project where intelligence is applied by building ML models to predict changes in customers’ buying preferences. The results are streamed in real-time to SAP C/4HANA marketing campaigns, where a new campaign is automatically triggered via SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation whenever a change in customer preference is identified, significantly increasing marketing productivity leading to additional revenue

  2. Build new business models: a lighting hardware company uses SAP Leonardo IoT, SAP Analytics and SAP Cloud Platform Integration to deliver a light-as-a-service business model. By connecting the lighting hardware to sensors, and orchestrating and analyzing its data streams,customers can receive a variable bill based on usage instead of paying for lighting upfront. In addition, customers can gain insight in costs and usage with an intelligent solution that is able to predict future costs. This solution helps users to make better informed and confident decisions, drives operational efficiency and saves energy.

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