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SAP HANA - The Data Platform for the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP HANA - The Data Platform for the Intelligent Enterprise

Today’s technology is creating a “new possible” for organizations willing to seize the opportunity. Yesterday’s best practices are giving way to “next practices” – where organizations use intelligent technologies to deliver better outcomes for their customers. These intelligent technologies include the Internet of Things, machine learning, analytics, and block-chain. Today, they’re fueling intelligent enterprises by enabling a new set of capabilities, including:

  • Increased visibility – to see across business silos and recognize unseen patterns

  • Improved focus – to simulate the impact of business decisions and choose the best path forward

  • Greater agility – to respond to market forces and pivot business processes toward the right outcomes

With these capabilities, companies are entering a new era of efficiency, automation, and expanding growth horizons. Today, real-time market insights and the ability to capitalize on them is within reach – but only for organizations that know how to extract value from data. An intelligent enterprise runs on insight from data – and more than ever, this insight needs to be delivered in real time. Speed is of the essence. Complexity is the enemy. The ability to connect to all data types across sources and silos is critical for success. What organizations need is a data platform up to the task.

An intelligent enterprise is defined by an ability to use data assets to achieve desired outcomes faster and with less risk. Such outcomes include:

  • Improved customer experiences – through personalized interactions and self-service tools that put customers in control

  • New heights of productivity – through operational automation, real-time demand responsiveness, and the ability to predict what’s coming before it happens

  • Transformative workforce engagement – through executive dashboards, automated employee approvals, and guided procurement that minimizes rogue buying

Achieving these outcomes, however, requires fast, flexible, and scalable data processing. This – especially in the age of ever-growing data volumes – requires a modern data platform that manages data in new way

Innovation with SAP HANA

Designed with an enterprise-grade, in-memory architecture, SAP HANA dramatically speeds data processing compared to traditional disk-based solutions. By combining live transactional data with historical data in the moment, it also yields the deep insight needed to make the right decisions here and now. And with multimodel data support and built-in advanced analytics capabilities such as machine learning, SAP HANA helps organizations set themselves apart by empowering everyone with data.

The move to SAP HANA drives dramatic performance improvements for SAP's growing portfolio of cloud solutions. With a simplified data model that harmonizes solutions and standardizes the technology stack across SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba solutions, SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and SAP Customer Experience solutions, customers can now manage transactions and analytics on diverse data in a single environment.

The fact is, businesses in a digital economy simply cannot afford to make decisions based on stale insights. By moving to SAP HANA, customers can outpace the competition with fast and automated analysis that drives competitive advantage. Today, real-time situational business awareness is within reach – based on a data platform that brings transactions and analytics together to drive intelligent technologies that make instantaneous insight a reality. The road ahead companies deploying SAP HANA leads toward becoming an intelligent enterprise – the kind of company that uses its data creatively to maxmize value and deliver superior customer experiences.

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