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Employee Spotlight: Alexandra Goudy

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

This is the first of many #ApproyoLife employee spotlights. Each month we will highlight a member of our team and introduce them. We want you all to be able to meet the people here at Approyo, who we are and what we do. The people behind Approyo are the foundation of this company, so we’d like to give you an eye into our world. I thought I’d go first, since you know...I’ll be making the videos from here on out. So let my introduce myself!

Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra Goudy and I am one of the newest hires here at Approyo. A little bit about me, I am 23 years old, from Franklin, WI. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh back in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising. While I was there, I was a part of: Art Club, Advertising Club and Photo Club. Throughout highschool I was a part of the Whitnall softball and volleyball teams and have always enjoyed being a part of a team environment. I enjoy art, photography, movies, traveling, trying new restaurants and hanging out with friends. My friends would probably describe me as laidback and funny (not to brag or anything).

I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. When I was in 1st grade, I wanted to be a veterinarian. In 5th grade, I wanted to be a marine biologist. And In high school I thought I would become a nurse. So why did I think that college would be any different? I had NO idea what I was doing.

At UWO is where I found my passion. The funny thing is that I went into college having absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my life. Eventually I decided to major in Radiologic science....which clearly didn’t work out. I had forgotten what I was actually good at, which I can tell you was NOT science and math. I’ve always enjoyed writing and art, but I went into something that I thought would be good pay vs what I’m actually good at.

My second semester of junior year, I decided to jump blindly into the Journalism major. Even then, i wasn’t sure which emphasis I wanted to take under the major. It wasn’t until my last year when I took and advertising campaigns class and participated in the National Student Advertising Competition that I realized the field of Marketing and Advertising is definitely where I wanted to be.

During my last semester, I worked with a team for hundreds of hours to complete an advertising campaign to present at the competition in Minneapolis. I ended up taking on a large leadership role and held the responsibility of putting together and editing the plans book and presentation. We ended up taking 2nd place in our district, which was a huge accomplishment after all of the work we put into it. This experience led me to realize that I truly wanted to work in this field. It’s crazy how one class can solidify your future for you, especially after years of feeling lost.

After graduation, I moved back home, where I served as a waitress every day. For five months I was desperately looking for a job when the opportunity at Approyo arose. The CEO, Christopher Carter had seen my post about NSAC on LinkedIn and asked me to come in for an interview. He gave me a tour of the office, introduced me to everyone and offered me the position. Not only do I get to use my degree by marketing the company, but I also get to learn more about SAP and technology as I go.

I’ve only been here for a short while, but I’m already learning so much. Although I work with the VP of Marketing, Kyle Ackerman as well as Alison Maloni who specializes in Public Relations, I am the only one who holds a marketing position within our headquarters at the Brookfield office. It’s great to be able to work with other creatives, while being independent with my own responsibilities and tasks.

My daily work includes: video, photos, audio, graphics, PR and all types of social media content and platforms. So most of the content that you see involving any pictures or videos will have most likely come from me! The office has plenty of perks, one of them being that I have my own studio! I am so grateful to be a part of an amazing team in such a relaxed yet driven atmosphere at work and I can’t wait to see where Approyo takes me!

With all of that being said, we are still looking to expand our team! We are hiring! Check out the career page on our Website for more information and make sure to tune in next month for our next #ApproyoLife employee spotlight! #ApproyoLife

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