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2020 Year in Review: The Top Approyo Blog Posts

As we head into the final week of 2020, the Approyo team wanted to share some of the most important moments of the year, starting with the top five blog posts. This list is made up of our general blog posts about the capabilities of SAP and other technology insights.

The Top 5 Approyo Blog Posts of 2020

1) What's The Difference? On-premise vs Hosted vs Hybrid Solutions - 02/07/20

An On-premise Cloud is when your business keeps the data servers within the organization and manages them internally. Hosted Clouds are when you pay a software provider to manage your data externally. A Hybrid Cloud is a mix of both when data servers are still located within the organization but shared among other locations within the organization through the cloud...

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2) Leveraging SAP S/4HANA in the Public Sector - 06/11/20

In today's digital world, SAP systems are used among businesses throughout different industries and regions, but the one industry that is put in place to serve the people is the public sector. The Public Sector's mandate is to provide, protect, and enable our community to prosper, economically.

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3) 5 Benefits of SAP in the Higher Education and Research Industry - 09/16/20

One of the most important things within the Higher Education industry is to ensure that your students are satisfied. A simple way to do this is to implement an SAP platform as your ERP system. SAP is able to deliver the ultimate customer experience to students, professors, administrators, and advisors.

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4) SAP S/4HANA Driving Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry - 07/07/20

The automotive industry has changed drastically over the past 50 years, but is expected to change even more so by the year 2025. With new innovation every year, and growing expectations, companies need to work to meet the demands of their consumers. Self-driving cars, electric cars, and mobility as a service (such as Uber or Taxis) are just a few examples of the new innovations we've seen come forward in the past years.