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2020 Year in Review: Top SAP News

As a part of our 2020 year in review, it's important to reflect on the news within our industry. Many changes have happened throughout the cloud computing industry in general. Alike, SAP reported many new initiatives, results, and changes in 2020. Here are the top SAP News blog posts we wrote about this year.

The Top 5 SAP News Blog Posts of 2020

1) SAP Announces Extension of SAP S/4HANA Support Deadline to 2040

SAP announced today that due to growing pressure from consumers, they will be extending the SAP S/4HANA deadline even further back, to 2027. The deadline was originally listed as 2025, but now with a larger adoption rate of S/4HANA, SAP wants to provide their customers the flexibility to transition on their own time, extending their maintenance commitment until the end of 2040.

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2)SAP Moves to Solo CEO Structure, as Co-CEO Jennifer Morgan Steps Down

SAP SE announced yesterday that Co-CEO Jennifer Morgan will be stepping down on April 30th, to leave Christopher Klein as the sole CEO. The two were given the positions after CEO Bill McDermott left the company back in October of 2019.

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3) SAP Announces Q4 Results for 2019: Meeting All Financial Goals

SAP has announced the 2019 Q4 and yearly earnings results. They reported they reached all expected financial goals and experienced cloud growth over the past 12 months. The results continue to show growth for SAP S/4HANA. This growth mirrors Approyo's growth and aligns with our vision as the premier SAP Platform as a service partner.

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4) SAP Expands Learning Initiatives in Response to Coronavirus

SAP SE announced Friday a new learning initiative available to everyone to help continue learning and growth during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. “We want to make sure education does not take a back seat during this time. Students and subject-matter experts need access to safe and healthy learning environments to continue their education virtually.” Christian Klein, co-CEO and member of the SAP SE Executive Board stated.

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5) SAP joins in innovation for A Sustainable Future

SAP has announced two different collaborations in bettering the future of our world this month. SAP prides itself on not only being an innovative technology company but a "world-leading sustainability company" as spoken by Jennifer Morgan, Co-CEO and Member of the Executive Board for SAP.

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