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5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch for in 2021

Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today, with industries of all kinds using the cloud to manage and organize their critical data workloads on a daily basis. The global public cloud infrastructure market is predicted to grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021. But what specific trends are

going to stand out in 2021? Here a few of them.

Push Toward Hybrid Cloud Model

Enterprise's cloud strategies will shift toward hybrid cloud even more so in 2021. With major advantages such as advanced speed, scalability, and security, hybrid cloud is becoming a more popular option for businesses looking for new innovation. Hybrid cloud allows users to pick and choose service providers' offerings to tailor their systems and applications to their needs, optimizing functionality, and productivity. It is predicted that 80% of enterprises will shift to cloud-centric infrastructure and applications

More Availability of Multi-Cloud Model

Along with hybrid cloud models, there will be a push for more multi-cloud model availability among large enterprise service providers. More than ever before, customers want to see infrastructure deployment options among multiple models. In the past companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, etc. have been known to only offer their own individually focused services. Multicloud partnerships such as SAP and Microsoft, AWS and Google, etc. are some examples of the multi-cloud models that have been partnered to offer customers greater cloud capacities and expanded services. This change will allow for better collaboration among businesses looking to organize and share data among their own partner who uses different applications.

Cloud And Security Spend Will Rise

In relation to trends no. 1 and 2, Forrester predicts that 30% of firms will increase spending on cloud, security and risk, networks, and mobility. With goals of tech modernization, simplification, and consolidation, companies who invest in these goals, with the end-goal become improved customer experience, will experience more success in 2021.

Data Breaches Will Be Caused Mainly By Insider Threats

In 2020, the major shift of traditional office jobs to remote work influenced 25% of data breaches from insider incidents. Forrester predicts that in 2021, the percentage will rise to 33%. This is due to a lack of security control in work from home environments, and the ease of transferring stolen company data, and job insecurity during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Push toward low-code development

Simplicity is of major importance to any organization. Just because your team lacks IT knowledge, doesn't mean your innovation has to fall flat. Using cloud development platforms designed for users with low-code or no coding experience will allow you to continue your success without having to develop a system in the cloud. One popular example of this is Salesforce, where system administrators are able to set up reports, campaigns, cases, etc., and create automated workflows for boosted productivity. SAP is also one of the cloud-focused companies bringing this forward as a priority recently with its' announcement during SAP Tech Ed last week.

Of course, there are plenty of other trends that will continue to grow throughout 2021 and beyond, such as the use of AI, Blockchain, IoT, etc. As time goes on, new technologies will continue to rise, bringing even more productivity and innovation in the business world throughout all industries. These are each small steps toward any and every business becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. We look forward to what 2021 brings.

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