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Approyo CEO Chris Carter, Listed as One of "The 10 Best CEOs of 2020" by Industry Era

CEO of Approyo, Christopher Carter, has been named as one of "The 10 Best CEOs of 2020" by Industry Era. This list is made up of prestigious CEOs who have brought their companies to accelerate in growth and revenue. These CEOs have made a name for themselves through their unique visions, strategies, and successful results.

"I am happy to have been given this title, so thank you to Industry Era", Chris Carter says, "My business is not something I take lightly, I work hard every day to make sure that we are on the right path, working closely with our clients to transform businesses for the better."

Ultimately, Chris's mission and the goal of his company Approyo, is to help make SAP simple for companies, no matter what size or industry. Utilizing best-practices and innovative technology to bring new solutions to the business world, Approyo helps companies in their digital transformation journey to become agile and innovative.

Chris has worked to differentiate Approyo amongst the competition. Here is a direct quote from the article:

“I saw that there was a gap in the SAP eco-system, there was a lack of SAP solution providers focused on SAP S/4 HANA and the usage of the cloud. And even more specifically, there was a lack of companies like Approyo. We specialize in SAP and the solutions surrounding it, unlike other companies that have too many hands in different pots. As the world goes through its current upgrade state and more companies tend to be reviewing their cloud usages, we are given the opportunity to help these businesses transform their operations inside and out with SAP