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Approyo CTO's Predictions: 2020 Technology Trends

2019 is coming to an end and everyone is wondering, what's next? Approyo Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Sean Gilmour gave us his thoughts on what we can expect in 2020. He focused on three main prediction points: Automation, Block chain and the process leading up to 2025.

Here are the top three changes Gilmour predicts for 2020:

1) Automation

Over the last 20 years, we witnessed an explosion of industrial tasks being replaced with robotics. 2020 is going to see that same wave take over the business process landscape even more so. More and more products are coming to the market, providing everything from simple workflow processes to more complex UI and complex ERP/BI automation.

From the older guard of platforms like Salt, Chef and Puppet, we are seeing larger frameworks like Ansible, and when it comes to SAP, we have Robotic Process Automation (RPA), all trying to improve our workflows.

While the simpler process automation provided easy and repeatable task workflows, the newer more advanced frameworks, can in theory, replace humans, which is a massive leap in scalability and reliability.

He does not predict that everyone will adopt this, resulting in millions of people being put out of work, but he does believe that this technology is going to play a large part in 2020 and beyond, with it enabling customers to empower and improve the daily lives through automation, and therefore improvements to process flow, and repeatability.

2) Block chain

With more and more industries looking at what blockchain is and how it can be used, we are seeing a number of companies riding that wave. This has spawned a number of rebrands with “Blockchain Ready…” stickers on their boxes. This is not actually blockchain, but a poor attempt at trying to stay with the pack. While they work out what blockchain actually is and how they can use it to make money, they try convincing folks that Blockchain is not Crypto.

For the blockchain savvy groups who are already leveraging it from things like supply chain to audit and compliance, the future is bright. These early-use cases, are being enhanced and further integrated into the larger software and business processes, some with really big names behind them like Starbucks, EY, HSBC, and IBM.

We will see a larger adoption of cloud enabled Blockchain from our usual vendors like AWS, Microsoft and Google, who all have services enabling companies to leverage their cloud availability and integrate it with enabled apps. This “easy” button is allowing a number of companies to trial BlockChain easily, and even supply results that we do not even know about, like the ability in the Starbucks app to see their ethical sourcing process.

3) Transition for the 2025 SAP HANA deadline

As we move into the next decade, this is bringing the SAP deadline of 2025 into a “just around the corner” event. A number of major companies are beginning their HANA journey, by reviewing their hardware and hosting plans. We are seeing a high percentage of customers with fairly old setups, which for many means a far longer migration plan.

With a growing percentage of customers now adopting the cloud, many are using this platform to validate and innovate, for their non-production systems with short spin up times which allows for far quicker POC type projects.

As we know, deleting and cleaning up databases, has for the large part been viewed as a “tomorrow” task, but as companies look at cost, complexity, and migration timelines, putting their database on a diet is coming back into fashion, as well as addressing their gigantic custom code setups.

With an ever-growing module list enabled within S4HANA, customers are replacing old custom-coded setups with native workflows, and also removing workflows that are no longer needed, which improves their migration times and then allows for further innovation. It's the good old favorite, “doing more with less”. We will see more people transitioning to the SAP HANA cloud in order to get head of the competition before 2025.

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