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Approyo Listed As One Of "The Companies Booming Despite The Lockdown" by The CEO Story

This week, Approyo has been featured in The CEO Story's, "The Companies Booming Despite The Lockdown." This list is made up of the companies who have continued to experience growth and success during these trying times despite the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Approyo has been recognized due to the fact that it is an essential business, partaking in daily activities with no slow in their roll. In fact, it seems that business in the ERP industry has picked up even more so since the pandemic hit. Whether or not organizations are actually investing in huge projects such as a migration or upgrade, they are still curious as to what their options are. It is likely that this is due to the challenges that many businesses have faced, everything from cashflow to stocking the shelves. SAP reported that International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Cloud Revenue went up by 21% in Q2, along with a 4% increase in cloud & software revenue, and a 55% increase in Operating Profit.

Approyo optimizes business through smart SAP solutions, providing essential services to organizations around the globe. The fact is that businesses must continue to operate whether their doors are physically open or not. The supply chain industry has seen the biggest change as a result, and many of the businesses are looking to make changes as far as their sales, manufacturing, and delivery processes are concerned. Whether businesses need better scheduling, organization, or data for real-time decision making, SAP is the system that will transform your business for the better.

Here is an exerpt from the article:

"SAP Services play an instrumental role in maintaining the freewheeling operations of a company. As such, Approyo has remained unyielding amid the outbreak. Irrespective of the adverse impact of the pandemic, Approyo emphasizes on the need of managing businesses. Depending on the level businesses have been affected, Approyo believes this is a great time to undergo transformative projects, such as migration or upgrade. They are being approached by customers daily, which justifies their need for a progressive business."

As mentioned in the article, Approyo has taken the necessary measures to keep their employees and customers safe. They have given the option to their employees of working from home or at the office. Inside of the office, they continue to practice social distancing and sanitation precaution measures. Although some may be working from home, they still operate in an effective manner, always putting the customer first.

"With the major societal shift to working from home, we have more faith in our employees than ever before. Even through our own changes, we've continued to operate 24 hours a day throughout this time, and have seen success and approval from our customers and partners per usual", Approyo CEO Chris Carter, says, "Our goal is to help customers through their digital journey, and we are happy to support them in doing so, as always."

Along with safety precautions for their employees, Approyo is offering six months free of SAP Managed Services for customers. They understand that money can be tight during this time, and hope that this offer will aid businesses in continuing to run effectively throughout the rest of the year.

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