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Approyo Named one of 2020's '5 Best SAP Solution Providers Companies to Watch' by The Silicon Review

Brookfield, WI: Approyo was named as one of the 'Five Best SAP Solution Provider Companies to Watch in 2020' by The Silicon Review, recognized for outstanding SAP solutions and services. The companies named to this list have been recognized for their outstanding SAP services and solutions, proving client success and business growth over recent years.

The in-depth feature talks about each company's differentiators, products, services, challenges, road-map, and how each CEO is driving the company to success within the business community and SAP ecosystem.

Silicon Review highlights Approyo’s competitive edge, attributing its offerings and impressive solutions portfolio, including big data managed services surrounding SAP HANA and S/4HANA that can be migrated in an easy and quick manner. In this interview with Founder and CEO of Approyo, Chris Carter, they dive deep into how Approyo came to be, the challenges, its biggest assets, products, the future, and more.

Silicon Review highlights Approyo’s competitive edge, attributing it to its method of offering cutting edge ns, VisionSoft Inc., and Natuvion. But, this isn't the first time Approyo has been recognized by The Silicon Review, having been previously named to:

"We are honored to be one of only five SAP Solution Providers included in this list," Chris Carter, Founder and CEO of Approyo states, "2020 has been a difficult year, but we continue to push on and I believe this list shows our dedication to quality service for our clients."

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