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Approyo Offering Free SAP Managed Services For Six Months

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently controlling many aspects of our daily lives, many businesses are beginning to feel the weight of the situation, whether it's being able to physically open their doors to customers or experiencing issues with cashflow due to a lack of customers. One way or another, businesses around the globe are experiencing change.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Approyo CEO Christopher Carter announced last week that Approyo will be offering free SAP services for the next six months. Approyo's goal is to be that helping hand for other businesses during this time, enabling them to experience the power of SAP, an innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Approyo will be offering six months of free SAP managed Services to those in need of an ERP Service provider during this time. To those already running on SAP, those looking to make a migration/perform an upgrade or  even those considering moving to SAP, these services are for you. "No matter where your business is located, no matter what industry, what size, we want to help", CEO Chris Carter stated.

Free services include:

  • 24/7 SAP Basis support.

  • Approyo will also offer you the ability to push off the payments on Installations, upgrades, migrations, etc. to help with your cash flow.

Why Approyo:

We provide extensive capabilities in SAP managed services, including hosting, migrations, implementations, upgrades, and support. Utilizing an SAP system for your ERP, will bring your business to the next level. Offering, Flexible and customizable services packages, combined with a global team of SAP experts providing 24/7 service, we pride ourselves on the providing businesses the best results.

Get started today, reach out to our CEO Chris Carter directly for more information at (414)-614-1394 or CC@approyo.com.

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