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Ask Approyo: How has SAP Helped the Healthcare Industry During COVID-19?

This year has been very long, with companies all around the world being negatively affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Businesses of all sizes were hindered in some kind of way, beginning in the first quarter of this year. One industry has stood out among the rest, which is healthcare. With rising cases of sick patients, hospitals began to fill, and researchers began preparing how to stop it from spreading. The supply chain for medical devices slowed and resources dwindled. The workforce changed with the availability of skilled healthcare workers becoming unpredictable, along with policy change to protect them from infected patients.

Every aspect of the healthcare industry was affected, from research, to supply chain, to procurement, to hospital operations. And it wasn't just the healthcare industry that struggled to keep supplies available. Retailers were wiped clean of toilet paper, paper towel, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning products, leaving them with empty shelves where common household goods once sat. If there was one thing these industries learned, it was that they need better planning in place for the future.

Better Patient Care

SAP is the solution that helped companies react and adapt in a new, efficient way. The Qualtrics XM Platform is able to help communicate better with patients and their families, to understand their challenges, and learn how the business can improve to adapt to their needs.

Undisrupted Supply Chain

At one point, hospitals were full all throughout the U.S., majorly disrupting the supply chain. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals were affected by a lack of protective gear, medical supplies, disinfectants, ventilators, hospital beds, and more. Solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Extended Warehouse Management are able to transform the supply chain, giving you the predictive analytics needed to stay on track. Instead of updating your retailer or manufacturer, or even patients on how many hospital beds you have available on the phone, you can put it in your database available throughout multiple departments, so anyone can make changes to prepare ahead of time before you run out. SAP created the Bed Capacity Management App built specifically for this problem.

Simplifying Onboarding Process

An increase in the need for healthcare workers skyrocketed this year, and good ones are hard to come by. Bringing them on board and up to speed as fast as possible has been difficult for many companies in the healthcare industry. With SAP Success Factors, companies can deploy easy learning programs to quickly educate their staff.

Improving The Employee Experience

It's also important to track how your employees feel. Are they protected? Do they have the supplies they need? Are they qualified for the work they are doing? With Qualtrics and SAP, companies can improve the employee experience through the use of operational and experience data. Ask for employee feedback and understand how to fix the problems they facing so that administrators and leaders can implement change. Good employee productivity leads to better patient care.

Planning With Finances to Avoid Debt

Companies' finances were poorly affected by unplanned expenses draining previous budgets. With SAP you can plan and analyze how to increase revenue through advanced analytics and reports, to drive your company out of financial debt. With SAP S/4HANA, companies will be able to streamline their patients' process, gaining full visibility from beginning to end, teaching them valuable lessons for the future - post-covid.

SAP is able to digitally transform the healthcare industry in ways never possible before. With the unpredicted effects of Covid-19 this year, it is important for healthcare companies to prepare and have a plan in place for events such as this. With SAP, you can gain insights on your business, end-to-end, for efficient practices, undisrupted supply chain, and maximum productivity. SAP and Approyo are here to help.

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