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CEO Chris Carter Featured in CIO Views' 'The 10 Influential CEOs With An Inspiring Story' Issue

Approyo CEO Christopher Carter was listed as one of 'The 10 Influential CEOs With an Inspiring Story' in the most recent issue of CIOViews Magazine. This issue celebrates the professional success of CEOs who have been empowered through redefining the term itself. These CEOs are leaders in their respective fields because they not only care about the success of their company, but the employees as well. CIOViews take a deeper look into the backstories of how the companies came to be, the challenges along the way, and the future. The CEOs included have "made a difference with a new outlook."

Christopher Carter, "A relentless expert exploring SAP technology", is uniquely highlighted, digging deeper into his back story and how Approyo came to be.

Here is an excerpt from the story, a little bit about his love for technology:

"One of the things that Chris loved while growing up was playing with and working on computers in high school. He later went off to college at The Georgia Institute of Technology with an apple 2E and a Commodore vic-20 in his pocket, leading him into computer programming. This resulted in his love for computer technology, which has continued today, playing with new tools as soon as they drop."

He then went on to talk about the future of Approyo:

"While concluding the interview with the future roadmap of the company, Chris says, “The future of Approyo is so bright I have to wear shades. But, honestly it is very bright. We have some incredible staff. We are continuously hiring some of the best and brightest individuals around the globe who help to make sure our customers are truly taken care of in a manner that they deserve. We are always looking to spread our wings a little bit wider and currently it may be more focused on expanding our database."

To read Approyo's article, click here.

To access the full digital magazine, click here. (Approyo is on pages 26-29)

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