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CEO Chris Carter talks security concerning the military and social media app, Tik Tok

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Approyo CEO, Chris Carter has expressed his concerns in the past month regarding the social media facial recognition app, Tik Tok. This social media app has become extremely popular in the past year among teenagers and young adults, but there are a lot of things that people still do not know about the app. Chris expressed his concerns on television with WKOW ABC 27, this time, focusing on the banning of the app from the military.

Within the past month, Chris has also been on 600 KOGO Radio, 102.3 KRMG, Liquid Lunch, and WVON 1690 discussing Tik Tok.

Tik Tok has been accused more than once with transferring data from the United States to their servers in China, which is highly illegal. With the recent tensions concerning the possibility of war, the US military has placed a ban on this app from any military devices. Learn why the US military decided to ban the use of Tik Tok among military devices. To Learn more about why the US military banned the app, watch the live recordings & radio shows Chris has been on below.

Here are the TV & radio shows Chris has expressed the military's concerns with Tik Tok on:

  • WKOW ABC 27- Nightly News:


  • 600 KOGO Radio:


  • 102.3 KRMG - Tulsa's News & Talk:


  • Liquid Lunch on NewsMax TV (2nd Time):


Here are the other times Chris has expressed data security & parental concerns:

  • Liquid Lunch on NewsMax TV:


  • WVON 1690:


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