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CEO Christopher Carter Featured in Forbes: 'The Birth of The Data Economy'

Approyo CEO, Christopher Carter was recently featured in Forbes. As of this past year, Chris is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and is considered a technology expert in the field. With extensive knowledge of SAP, data, and security, he gave us insight into how data collection works surrounding advertisements and the laws put in place to protect our privacy. Chris wrote this article to educate people on how secure our data really is, what information is collected about us and where it is stored.

"There is a lack of knowledge regarding these marketing tactics by big tech firms, not to mention our flagrant disregard for the "usage" documentation that accompanies these devices. These companies collect such vast amounts of data that they can categorize people and target advertisements toward them for products they are likely to buy.", Chris Wrote.

Have you ever Googled something and next thing you know, an advertisement pops up on your phone for the item? There are a lot of things, us as consumers, don't know about the internet and how it works. If you are wondering who, what, where, when, and why about your own personal data, check out the article on Forbes.com

Read the full article, The Birth Of The Data Economy, here.

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