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February Employee Spotlight: Jason Hilderbrand

This month's employee spotlight focuses on our Client Services Manager, Jason Hilderband! As our Client Services Manager, Jason's main responsibilities include working with customers to identify what their next goals are, decide what the best course of action is to reach those goals, and to construct a plan to implement said course of action within the necessary time frame. Jason is a huge asset for our team, he keeps our technical team updated and our customers happy.

Jason graduated from UW-Milwaukee with an MS-Management degree in 2014. He started working at Approyo back in October of 2019. His day-to-day work generally consists of being the main point of contact for several open projects, which requires him to provide status updates for each project and to ensure that Approyo is fulfilling set goals at established times. If there are any issues with an open project, then it is his job to work with the customer and our technical team to figure out a solution in a timely manner. 

In addition, he assists in implementing internal company initiatives, manage on-call schedules, and administrate the internal ticketing system to make sure no requests are being missed.  The main goal of it all is to ensure that each customer is getting the best quality service delivered in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Jason previously worked in SAP Basis Administration for 5 years and found that he preferred working more closely with the customer rather than in the background performing technical tasks. He is most definitely a 'people person'. He tries to use his experience when designing any project plan so that both the customer and the technician are confident that all goals can be met in the required timeframe. 

In addition to working at Approyo, he also serves as an Events Representative at a local craft brewery and enjoy touring other craft beer locations. Something people don't know about him is that he lived in England for several years when he was a kid and moved stateside to Wisconsin in 2000.  He enjoys reading, taking road trips, and checking out new places around Milwaukee whenever he can.

Stay posted next month for our next #ApproyoLife Employee Spotlight blog post & video!

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