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SAP Announces Extension of S/4HANA Support Deadline to 2040

SAP announced today that due to growing pressure from consumers, they will be extending the SAP S/4HANA deadline even further back, to 2027. The deadline was originally listed as 2025, but now with a larger adoption rate of S/4HANA, SAP wants to provide their customers the flexibility to transition on their own time, extending their maintenance commitment until the end of 2040.

SAP will continue to provide mainstream maintenance for the SAP Business Suite 7 software* until the end of 2027 and will provide an optional extended maintenance until the end of 2030 for those not ready to make the move yet. There will be a three year period, offboarding phase allowed to those who require an extended amount of time to fully migrate their systems.

Over 13,800 customers have already migrated to S/4HANA, so it is clear that customers realize that this is the right step to take. But, SAP understands the difficulty consumers face when attempting to transition their entire database and the worry that goes along with it. Providing a larger time frame, will allow for companies to move at their own pace. SAP wants to be as transparent and trusted as possible with its customers, and hope that by moving this deadline, it will show the commitment they have to their people.

Regardless of any deadline, Geoff Scott, CEO, Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG), believes that any customer should try to migrate as soon as possible.

During the offboarding phase, SAP will continue to provide two more years of maintstream maintenence for the core applications of Business Suite 7. Customers who require extended support after 2028 will have to use the extended maintenance, which has a premium of two percentage points on the existing basis for the SAP Business Suite 7. Those who do not decide by then, will be automatically transferred to the customer-specific maintenance model.

Thomas Saueressig, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, SAP Product Engineering, states,

"if a customer is moving to SAP S/4HANA, they should standardize business processes first. Also, many companies have to rationalize complex landscapes with multiple ERP systems. Our objective is to respect our customers’ current investments, allowing them the time they need to re-engineer business processes and systems so they can tap into the full business opportunities of SAP S/4HANA."

Geoff Scott also stated, " This announcement is not a signal to slow down. This is now the time to commence plans and move forward so that SAP customers can harness business value from what is the most significant technology change in SAP’s recent history.”

Read the full SAP press release here

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