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SAP Announces New Customer Portal, 'SAP For Me', To Be Released Next Month

SAP has announced its' new customer portal, SAP for Me, in their Press Release, "SAP for Me Is Generally Available with Expanded Scope Enhancing the Digital Experience". The portal is set to be released in June and its purpose is to serve SAP customers in accessing and viewing their portfolio of products. SAP For Me is the final step in defining their three access point digital experience strategy, including SAP.com, SAP Community, and SAP For Me.

SAP for Me is a license-free central access point and the go-to destination to cover all your SAP engagements and is based off of three goals: View, Inspect, and Action. It provides a personalized view of insights and interactions within the business. Users are able to customize their portal's home screen to receive key metrics and alerts. The portal provides an overarching picture across a customer’s product portfolio by aggregating into one access point all important notifications, metrics and insights, helping to speed outcomes. The goal of this portal is to transform the way people are able to succeed within their specific job roles. The insights are tailored to what information is important to you in your position.

"SAP for Me speeds up tasks related to our SAP solutions and gives us an overview of our entire software portfolio. We also have a single point of access for managing processes like provisioning, entitlements and product-related learning journeys.", a Participant from the SAP beta phase stated.

You'll be able to track learning success, view licenses, incidents, systems, products, and more. One of the most insightful factors of the portal is the increased capability of tracking your Return on Investment (ROI). Below is the Capabilities Road Map.

SAP for Me is an integrated, easy, and organized portal that connects customers with their frequently used actions, for faster business interactions and decision making, improving outcomes with SAP products and services. All in all, its a platform to make your use of SAP simple as a customer. Learn more about SAP for Me here.

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