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SAP S/4HANA: The Sustainable and Efficient Solution for the Agriculture Industry

Like all other industries, the Agribusiness Industry is facing the constant need to innovate. Farming originated around 12,000 years ago and there have been many developments since, but in recent years we have seen the most change due to technology. With an upgrade in technology, the agriculture industry is given new possibilities, from production, to supply chain, to marketing. SAP's goal and every companies' goal in this industry is to increase efficiency, sustainability, cut costs, innovate using best-practices, and engage with profitable partners and networks. SAP states that "early adopters are seeing +9% revenue creation, +26% impact to profitability, and +12% market valuation." SAP S/4HANA is the solution to every agriculture business' needs.

Here are some of the benefits of SAP in the Agribusiness Industry:

Digital Agriculture for Production & Farming

Optimize the functionality of machinery used in the production and farming of food using SAP Farm Management. This on-premise solution uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to track end-to-end processes of farm field operations for diverse crops with the goal of increasing crop yields. Be able to manage activity costs, tasks, orders, labor, machinery, fertilizers, all in one platform. Track crop lifecycles and harvesting, report grower contracts, and gain visibility with real-time data, increased productivity, and simple asset performance reports, keeping your business connected digitally, end-to-end.

Gain Faster Response to Market Changes

Easily compile origination settlement and supply chain management processes. Improve agricultural Contract Management and rural sourcing management, giving you the ability to efficiently run contracts and build a traceable and sustainable supply chain. Use SAP Rural Sourcing Management to track and trace your product farm-to-table, with the mobile farm portal connectivity. Improve finances with grower contract management and bulk transportation of crops. Comply with industry-wide compliances and sustainability trends and capture data and track inventory in real-time. Streamline crop receipts as well as scheduling, distribution, and trading processes using the on-premise solution, SAP Grower Management for Perishables.

Track and Manage risks

Using the SAP Commodity Risk Management tool, track commodity procurement and sales market prices, automate invoices, audit reports, and contracts, while managing processes and international trade with SAP S/4HANA. Having end-to-end visibility into rules and regulations allows for easy compliance, error reduction, and increased functionality.

Maintain Quality Product

With SAP Dairy Management, gain insight into milk production processes from procurement to distribution, using SAP S/4HANA. This on-premise solution balances raw material income and demand, improving utilization of product, and preventing loss. Have full control of your machines to efficiently process dairy and cheese. Schedule production, shorten lead times, cut costs, and improve productivity all in one platform. For Proteins, such as meat and fish, optimize the meat processing operations, speed up livestock procurement, and improve the disassembly process, using the SAP Meat and Fish Management Solution.

Sustain Customer Confidence With Optimized Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

Gain insights into real-time demands, to map your correct response to ensure customer satisfaction. Gaining Insight into the demands of customers will give you the ability to respond in a timely matter, whether its replenishment of raw materials, the final product, or allocating in shortage situations, optimizing your inventory at all times. View orders and commit to them simultaneously, to quickly begin the procurement process.

Gain extended warehouse management capabilities, and track the movement of goods, schedule pickups and track inventory as it travels. With SAP S/4HANA, manage inbound and outbound freight, including costs and weight constraints, and other requirements. With SAP Global Track and Trace, ensure the sterilization of your product, and respond in real-time to environmental factors on the road. Whether its a tornado sweeping through or a roadblock, this tool informs you ahead of time so you're able to stay on track and reroute for the most efficient delivery.

Create Positive Customer Engagement

With sales and marketing forecasting capabilities, manage prices, delivery, and orders, all while tracing ideal customer behaviors and engagement. Microsegment your customers to automate commerce personalization and the promotion of relevant goods. Create cross-channel engagement and increase loyalty, leads, engagement, and more. Increase profits with branded experiences, creating the ultimate customer experience, which will bring customers coming back for years.

The Intelligent Enterprise gives you the ability to optimize your business end-to-end. Whether your in farming, supply chain, or marketing within the agriculture industry, there are tremendous benefits. With an omnichannel solution, SAP is able to quickly digitally transform your business, helping you better track insights and demand, improve decision-making, and overall increase Return on Investment (ROI).

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