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The Benefits of Outsourcing SAP Basis Support

Your IT Infrastructure is vital to the success of your business, which means that you want it well-managed and running as efficiently as possible. Its important that you outsource your SAP Basis Support from an experienced and trusted managed service provider. Many companies who perform SAP Basis in-house, are burdened by ongoing unprecedented changes in the business world.

Training and keeping IT staff can be difficult, especially when those at your company possess such a sought after skill set. Vacations and sick days can affect how your SAP Basis runs, and hiring new staff can be time consuming. SAP customers need a trusted SAP Basis partner to take care of their systems, allowing them to focus on the true meaning of their business, not complex IT tasks.

What is SAP Basis?

SAP Basis stands for Business Application Software Integrated Solution. It is a set of tools that operates as a bridge between your operating system, communication protocols, and the business applications and database. The act of SAP Basis is the overall management of your SAP environment. Installations, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, and configuring are the main tasks your SAP Basis Administration team faces on a daily basis. The purpose of SAP Basis is to keep your systems healthy and operating smoothly. It makes the difference in reducing down-time, which can heavily affect the operation of your business. SAP Basis teams often work around the clock to improve system performance and end-user experience.

Support Activities

  • User management

  • Minimizing risk through DevOps testing

  • Managing the SAP Correction and Transport system (CTS).

  • Installaing SAP database servers and application servers

  • Implementing SAP instances

  • Daily monitoring of operating systems

  • Ensuring backups have been made properly

  • Checking system logs

  • Reviewing workload statistics

Preferably, you will want an SAP Basis team that will also be able to provide your company with hosting, migration, and other services. Business needs always change, and if you haven't already, you may want to move to the cloud in the future.

Benefits of Outsourcing your SAP Basis Support:

  • No need to hire, train or retain SAP staff

  • Help you stay focused on your core competencies

  • Costs reduction with predictable SAP support costs and improved operational efficiencies

  • Improved reliability, availability and performance of the SAP infrastructure

  • Quality monitoring to boost system availability and capacity

Approyo can Help

Approyo has the skills to keep your SAP environment operating smoothly at all times. As an industry leader in SAP Basis support and cloud services, we make sure our team is ready for any challenge. We offer 24 x 7 x 365 support for your SAP systems, with a focus on open communication. We are a full-service SAP partner, providing hosting, monitoring, implementations, migrations, upgrades, security, and SAP Basis to customers around the world. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

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