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The Benefits of the Intelligent Enterprise in The Engineering, Construction, and Operations Industry

Companies face an ever-changing need to innovate their business processes to stay in line with the competition. The construction industry, for one, is constantly growing industry and with companies handling multiple large projects, it is a must to organize scheduling and resources. The industry is set to grow 85% by 2030, reaching $15.5 trillion. SAP also predicts that the world population living in cities will reach $6 billion by 2045, which means the construction industry will only grow larger, and creating new housing is a must. With that, costs and quality control become the most important focus to ensure higher profit margins and success.

With SAP S/4HANA businessess are able to increase agility and visibility across entire digital supply chains, using real-time data and machine learning for asset management manufacturing, and SAP Extended Warehouse Management. SAP helps engineering, construction, and operations (EC&O) avoid downtime, manage risks, and cut costs quickly and effectively. With the ability to organize products, equiptment, services, and costs, internally and externally, the Intelligent Enterprise ensures higher profit margins. Implementing, migrating or upgrading to SAP S/4HANA allows companies to accelerate their time-to-market, through providing one shared plan availible end-to-end. Tracking demand, and future predictions, all you to optimize manufacturing, supply chain, delivery, and assets all digitally.

Using Experience data (X-data) and Operational data (O-data) construction companies are able to capture the perceptions, beliefs, and opinions, giving them end-to-end visibility and the opportunity to respond the right way to their customers.

With pre-construction solutions, businesses are able to connect procurement, sales processes, budget, and project management all in one system. Giving better insights into trends, making it simple to streamline business decisions in the future.

  • Provide all-encompassing Account and Contact Management visibility across departments

  • Streamline sales and revenue growth with ranking opportunities

  • Advanced sales analytics, giving insight into pipeline, performance, leads, leading to higher conversions.

  • Accelerate engineering master data into manfucturing production data

  • Improve quality control, production scheduling, procurement, and manufacturing

  • Identify reliable sources for supplies and easy Contract Management for better strategic collaborations

  • Construction project management with Building Information Modeling (BIM) methods

Supply chain Solutions

Optimize traceability of items and intercompany collaborative inbound and outbound logistics. Streamline the freight delivery process by using blockchain technology, which goes hand in hand with Extended Warehouse Management, helping you keep track of all materials and items, making for better organization. Respond to advanced insights, allowing you to plan to replenish inventory, while satisfying demands, avoid shortage situations.

With Project Delivery solutions, businesses are able to streamline the delivery of their projects. SAP S/4HANA is able to handle clients' projects, delivering quality work, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to create a good customer experience every time.

  • lower fees with integrated payments and communications among banks Accounts Payable

  • Simplify the way you record and manage accounts payable data from vendors

  • Tailor customer profiles to match their credit and manage collections

  • Improve payment services with customer portals, electronic billing, and quick touchless, global invoice management

  • Solve customer payment disputes, invoices, and cash operations efficiently and timely.

  • Manage service orders and identify incidents

Asset Management

Manage Assets, monitor performance, improve profitability. vizualize, plan, and schedule actions using virtual visual asset management tools under an integrated system. This provides mobile instructions availible to all technicians, as well as managing equipment and tools use for tracking Return on Investment (ROI). In Real Estate, streamline repairs and facility management, and reduce operational energy costs

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