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Why You Should Attend SAP TechEd 2020

SAP is holding their annual event, SAP TechEd, just a little differently this year. The event taking place on December 8-10 will be held virtually, but will still include its usual hundreds of sessions for Intelligent Enterprise learning. SAP TechEd is the best technical training programs of the year offered by SAP, and offers experiences and content that align with personal development and organizational development needs.

By attending the virtual event, you will be able to network with your SAP community, customers, partners, and experts around the globe. You will be able to access free information that will be able to further your SAP career, gaining essential skills for your role in your organization's Intelligent Enterprise business strategy. Offer your opinions and own expertise and discuss with other experts the future of SAP to influence what will come next in SAP's overall strategy. Collaborate and learn through simulations, demos, and hundreds of learning sessions.

This event gives the opportunity for technologists, tech experts, and developers to come together to learn about SAP, the latest updates, and Intelligent Enterprise technology. Lectures, breakout rooms, Q&A sessions, roadmap lessons, and workshops, give an all encompassing experience to those who register.

The event is free and gives you the flexibility to view, interact, and learn whenever, whether its live or on-demand, for 48 hours, based on their time zone.

As a part of Channel 1, Juergen Mueller, SAP CTO and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, will present his keynote, "How SAP's Business Technology Platform Empowers Developers." recapping SAP's 2020 results. Channel 1 will also include other executive keynote presentations, strategy talks, SAP spotlights, and more. The developer keynote will include a fictional SAP S/4HANA deployment extension onto the SAP Cloud Platform, a very insightful presentation for any developer looking to expand their skill set.

Track Topics will include workshops with experts, including topics such as Analytics, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation with Intelligent ERP, Database and Data Management, and more.

Here are a few topic examples of the 440 sessions available:

Click here to view all of the sessions.

SAP TechEd is an amazing learning experience for those in the IT industry. If you are interested in attending, registration is open now. For more information, visit the SAP TechEd website.

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