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SAP HANA Sandbox as a Service

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Additionally, the sandbox technique is  implemented in information security to evaluate suspicious software or files containing malicious code. Typically, the source code of sandboxed software is not tested prior to isolation, which reduces unexpected behavior.

Cloud Sandbox as a Service

Cloud Sandboxing are self-contained  infrastructure environments that can be  configured to look exactly like the final target deployment environment but can be created and run anywhere. For example, developers can create a sandbox that looks like the production environment - from network and hardware to OS versions and software to cloud APIs. They do their development in that sandbox for a short period of time and when they are done they tear down the sandbox.

A sandbox is a type of software testing 
environment that enables the isolated execution of software or programs for independent  evaluation, monitoring or testing. In an  implementation, a sandbox also may be  known as a test server, development server or working directory.

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  • Fast deployments with no capital expense.

  • Ability to scale based on your business needs. No need to purchase more capacity than what is required. 

  • Your SAP applications get the benefits of a dynamic cloud infrastructure -  making them behave more like cloud native applications.