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Monitoring SAP is not a simple proposition.


There are no “free” solutions, as is sometimes the claim. The TCO to set up and maintain monitoring of SAP systems is heavy. Still, SAP requires that it be done to ensure proper

The dirty secret is, that often, the SAP system is not being monitored and if it is, it is not being done adequately. But what if there was an inexpensive, agent-less, reliable tool to help carry the load?

The 1st Watch system was developed for Basis Administrators to fulfill the daily requirement to monitor and maintain the SAP landscape. It was designed to do this in a proactive way because we’d rather prevent problems than simply report that they happened, after the fact.

Under the Hood
The 1st Watch system communicates with the customer’s SAP systems over a standard SAP connection called SAProuter which is configured as a Secure Network Communication (SNC) between SAProuters, creating a secure point-to-point connection.


This allows the system to collect SAP-specific data from certain transactions, related to Basis Monitoring. To add Operating System (OS) and Database (DB) monitoring, a collector is installed with a “phone-home” (outbound) connection over a Transport Layer Security (TLS) socket. The 1st Watch Collector enables the system to monitor OS, DB, Java systems and portals within the customer’s SAP landscape. Historical and performance data are then available for analysis or reporting.

Critical Checks Performed:


  • Availability (SM51)

  • Database Backups (DB12)

  • SAP Jobs (SM37)

  • System Log Errors (SM21)

  • ABAP Dumps (ST22)

  • Table Locks (SM12)

  • Database Errors (SM13)

  • Database Space Usage (DB02)

  • SAP Buffers (ST02)

  • Work Processes (SM50)

  • More…