Security in the Cloud

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Security in the Cloud

The cloud is becoming increasingly useful for Big Data, backup, storage and recovery solutions. In fact, Garter predicts that over half of Global 1000 companies will keep sensitive consumer data in the cloud by 2016. The benefits of scalability, flexibility, and quicker development just make sense, providing an edge against competitors. Even so, many organizations don’t use cloud computing and
other cloud services because they worry about security.

Cloud computing brings on a new set of challenges as more owners of data are introduced, more parties are included on contracts, and data is stored in offsite locations. Gone is the traditional sense of ‘security’ in having your systems and data onsite and viewable by your own people. This certainly presents a number of new challenges to security that must be addressed. However, with proper planning and due diligence when selecting a provider, these risks can be mitigated.

At the same time, cloud computing can offer many advantages when it comes to security. In many cases cloud computing solutions over compensate for security risks, sometimes dedicating entire security teams to monitor the system. Security elements are also often able to be delivered in real time. Furthermore, data is monitored in real time due to the nature of cloud computing.

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